For 3 Generations, Louisville has enjoyed Fresh Produce from the Loftus Family Farm

Nov 19th, 2020

For three generations, Loftus Farms has been providing fresh, locally grown produce for residents of Floyd County, Indiana. Beginning in July 2020, residents just across the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky, enjoyed the same produce through Market Wagon.

Jacob Loftus, age 35, and his wife, Brittany,32, have been gradually assuming the 60 acre produce farm management, which Jacob's grandparents began in 1952. Brittany points out, "This farm is where our passions collide." Jacob is passionate about the vegetables' production. Brittany, a fitness and marketing major, is passionate about preparing fresh vegetables and their health benefits.

Brittany and Jacob are whole-heartedly continuing the tradition of producing Loftus Farm vegetables, especially with a minimum of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

But the Loftus' are determined to provide the healthiest produce possible and offer Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) vegetables through Loftus Organics. CNG means that crops are grown using organic practices, no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or GMO seeds.  CNG farmers conduct annual peer review inspections.  

Currently, the CNG acres are a small percent of the total operation. But Jacob feels Louisville Market Wagon customers will appreciate the health benefits that CNG vegetables provide and plans to expand those acres. "We do have to manage the CNG acres differently," Jacob said.  Jacob pointed out,  CNG produce has to be grown on acres that are not adjacent to conventional acres, which means the Loftus must rent acres away from the farm.  Jacob must plant vegetables such as, squash further apart to allow more airflow and prevent disease transmission, which means fewer plants on more acreage.

"We feel that a growing number of people want to know how and where their food is grown. We want Market Wagon customers to know that the same food they have in their tote has been freshly harvested and on our table just like theirs." Brittany explained. 

Loftus Farms and Loftus Organics are dedicated to the heritage that grandparents Jean and Jerry Loftus began. Now, Brittany and Jacob's two-year-old daughter Emma is getting her hands in the soil and "helping" in the business as the fourth generation.