Freedom Foods brings over 250 years of experience to Market Wagon

Aug 4th, 2021

Family-owned and operated Freedom Foods began in 2012 in Wolcott Indiana when Ryan Schleman and his family decided they wanted to do farming differently. With over 250 years of generational farm experience and a passion for gardening and growing delicious, high-quality produce, the family started the farm with intention of serving their customers directly. The farm doesn’t outsource and prides itself on producing clean, fresh, and local produce and eggs for its loyal clientele. The farm is owned and operated by Ryan, his wife Kim, and their family.

Freedom Foods began its partnership with Market Wagon since the e-commerce brand’s inception in 2016. As a long-time vendor, Ryan offers the advice of always staying organized. 

“You can be as successful as you want to be,” Ryan says. “I truly believe that if a vendor is willing to work hard and produce quality items, success will come.”

Over the years Ryan and Kim have built relationships with various members of the Market Wagon team and says that this is incredibly helpful for their business. However, he cautions new vendors to not start their partnership expecting Market Wagon to do all the work for them. It’s a true partnership, which Ryan and Kim both love. 

Prior to being a vendor for Market Wagon, Freedom Foods was constantly at local farmers markets but grew frustrated at their inconsistency. Things like weather, other community events, and inconsistent customers made it difficult to find farmers markets profitable. Since joining Market Wagon, relationships with customers near and far have increased significantly, allowing Freedom Foods to continue to grow and develop based on the feedback of their loyal customer base. Quantities of items sold have also grown more consistent to allow for better business planning. 

Be sure to check out Freedom Foods and the various high-quality produce they offer, especially their free-range eggs which come highly recommended by Ryan and Kim.. Additionally, customers love their specialty greens and four different varieties of sprouts.