Wild Growth Gourmet Mushrooms

Viola, IL


Veteran owned and family run, we grow specialty mushrooms on our farm in Mercer County, Illinois The finest Oyster, Shiitake, Lion's Mane, and more!
Our mushrooms are grown in climate controlled, indoor farms that allow us to grow year-round. We also wild-harvest special varieties such as morel, chicken-of-the-woods, chanterelle, and many others that cannot be farmed traditionally.





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September 15th, 2021

Just an FYI to our Eastern IA customers - we will not be accepting orders this week as everyone will be attending a wedding out of state!

July 28th, 2021

We still have plenty of chanterelle mushrooms, but this week may be the last for a while without rain! Grab them now while we still can!

July 4th, 2021

You've asked, and we've listened! Make sure to watch today and this week as we offer many more varieties and gifts for you!

February 16th, 2021

We really appreciate all the love you are showing our specialty mushrooms. FYI, we are increasing our grow to meet your demand! Stay warm!